Technical Data Of MOBIN Electric actuator (MEA)

Reliable and Flexible MOBIN Electric actuator (MEA)

Due to the absence of a prestigious international brand in Iran and high demand in the domestic market, MOBIN AUTOMATION decided to manufacture electric actuators. Since in these devices the driving force of an electric motor empowers the gearbox and a complex of electric boards govern all the operations and protection features, an interdisciplinary task has been carried out with the emphasis on electrical, mechanical, computer and network engineering fields to manufacturing electric actuators.
Electric Actuators are mostly utilized in power plants, oil and gas refinery plants and petrochemical units. Using a versatile electrical controller ensures a reliable and intelligence performance for working in environments requiring a high level of safety and security. the power and efficiency of electric motors provide high value of output torques in a smaller size in comparison with other types of actuators.


Output torque

  • Up to 2000 N.m in multi-turn models.
  • For Higher values as well as quarter turn movement.
  • Suitable for part-turn valves, a gearbox should be added to MEA.
  • Different torque values in a range of output speed are available.
  • Sizing should be calculated based on the valve torques and operating time.


  • Standard Range: -30°C to +70°C Extended range can be manufactured on request


  • Actuators are suitable for operation with the following three type supply
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