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MOBIN Automation (Andishe Gostar Mobin Co.) was established in 2015 and has been active in manufacturing actuators in oil and gas industry. As a knowledge-based company we obtained the technical knowledge of manufacturing hydraulic and pneumatic actuators during these years and managed to successfully test our own designed Gas over oil and Pneumatic Actuator (Double act and Spring return). Having a professional and well-educated team, modern testing devices, and a 2000 m2 workshop enable us to claim that we can compete with international renowned

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What Are The Mobin Products

Gas over oil actuators

Pneumatic actuators


MOBIN Electric actuator (MEA)


Technical Data

This mechanism converts a linear movement into a quarter turn rotation. Based on the mechanical relations the output torque can be established versus the rotation of the stroke.

Since the reliability and safety of the actuators are very crucial, testing equipment is very vital. There are some test devices which are used for testing the actuators: 1.Torque test machine for measuring static torques.2.Line break simulators for simulating line breakage

Research and Development

MOBIN has an active R&D department that works on new projects.Line break simulators for simulating line breakage and Torque test machine for measuring static torques .