Technical Data Of Gas over oil actuators

Gas over oil actuators

General applications

Gas over oil actuators are mostly utilized in gas transmission pipelines. Using the medium of the pipeline with no need to any extra power supply makes them the best choices for transmission pipelines.

Technical Specifications

  • Output torques: up to 300,000 N.m (higher values on request)
  • Working pressure: 7 Bar up to 100 Bar (extended range on request)
  • Working temperature: -20°C up to +80°C
  • Supply medium: sweet gas, nitrogen, (others on request)
  • Certificates: ATEX for electrical components
  • Designing Standards: ASME Section VIII, Div1 for pressure vessels
  • Testing Standard: IGS-M-PL-007


  • Canted or symmetric scotch-yoke mechanism
  • Remote operation capability
  • Hand pump for manual override
  • Storage tank for emergency conditions
  • Monitoring valve status from control room using Limit Switch device
  • Torque limiting devices for restricting the output torque to prevent damage to the valve.
  • Control box with operating procedures including Line Break detecting system, Emergency Shut down valve, …

Operating diagram of Line Break Detecting Systems

The ubiquity of natural gas in almost every city, town, and even village in Iran has not been possible without a remarkably extensive pipeline network that makes the issue of safety very serious. Any failure could be resulted into catastrophic consequences. So safety measures have always been a major concern. Among these failures, the pipeline breakage would be most probable one and actuator manufactures have designed some features for their products to respond to this need. In MOBIN gas over oil actuators a fully pneumatic solution is used for this concept. As it is shown in the operating diagram, a pressure drop in the pipeline would cause a higher pressure of the reference tank passes through an orifice resulting into a differential pressure which could be sensed in an adjustable diaphragm valve. If the value of differential pressure in the diaphragm exceeds the preset value, the actuator will operate and close the valve. For re-opening the valve after being closed by Line Break system, the manual reset should be reset manually.

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