Technical Data Of pneumatic actuators

pneumatic actuators

General applications

These actuators are manufactured in two types of double and single act. In double act ones a pneumatic cylinder is used for both rotational directions whereas on single act one the pneumatic cylinder rotates the actuator on one direction while the opposite rotational direction is carried out by the force of a spring. Generally, the main application of Pneumatic actuators is in refineries and petrochemical plants. Their major characteristic is producing high torques in low supply pressure and can be used for both on-off and modulation applications.

Technical Specifications

Output torque

  • For double act ones up to 300000 N.m
  • For spring return (single act): Spring starting torques: 100000 N.m
  • Spring Ending Torque: 60000 N.m
  • (higher torques can be produced on customer’s request)

Supply Medium

  • Air, Nitrogen, Sweet Gas
  •  other mediums can be used on  request)

Design pressure

  • Up to 12 Bar

Design pressure

  • -30°C up to +100°C
  •  Extended range can be manufactured on request



  • Canted or symmetric Scotch yoke for different applications. It is recommended to use canted for larger valves.
  •  Travel stops for angular stroke adjustment between 85° and 95°
  •  Polished guide bar and piston rod for lowering the friction
  •  ENP cylinder for corrosion resistance and lowering friction
  •  Different manual operation like Jack screw, hand wheel and hand pump
  •  Solenoid valve for remote operation
  •  Limit Switch for monitoring the valve position from control room
  •  Pressure regulator, flow control and quick exhaust valve
  •  Storage tank according to ASME Section VIII, Div1.
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